About The UTA Products Exchange

The UTA Products Exchange is a worldwide operation, matching suppliers of tobacco with buyers using specialist tobacco brokers who have top quality product knowledge of the industry and who are able to give the best service to their clients.

The first UTA was created in Antwerp, Belgium in 2006 by a group of tobacco veterans looking to inject new dynamism into the tobacco trade. Operating on thin margins, leaf merchants were then keen to minimize surplus tobaccos on their balance sheets. We leveraged the opportunity with our successful auction of surplus tobacco stock which we ran for 3 years.

In the current pandemic environment, thin margins persist and surplus stock remains a drain on profitability in the tobacco industry. The UTA has recognized the urgent need for a post-pandemic online solution to replace traditional on-site auctions. We have now returned as an electronic market platform.

Working in partnership with Eazitrade (electronic import & export solutions) and Andromeda Forwarding & Logistics, the UTA Products Exchange is proud to introduce its online exchange for trading in raw tobacco.

The Suppliers have been specially selected by The UTA Products Exchange for their attention to detail in:

  • Quality Systems
  • Service Delivery
  • Financial strength
  • Ability and willingness to resolve problems
  • Prices

The registered brokers are bound to act with integrity and honesty to ensure that buyers get the service and quality of tobacco which they expect, whilst the suppliers get their deals confirmed and paid in accordance with the contractual requirements. Any problems are resolved amicably, quickly and with a view to ensuring the least possible damage to all parties.

The UTA Products Exchange is continually negotiating and adding suppliers who will be prepared to maintain stocks in the largest markets so that buyers have instant access to stock and no longer need to wait lengthy periods for stocks.

Within a short period of time, all registered buyers will be able to submit enquiries on line and brokers will be able to attend to their needs in real time.

So far we have the following products listed:



For more information on brokers in your region please contact info@utaproducts.com.